Art Journal and Paper Crafts Auction in 1 hour!

You are cordially invited to a private auction event Art Journals & Paper Crafts #2 on Saturday, August 25 at  9pm EDT. You’ll get exclusive access to bid on and buy some of my most popular items. See everything that’s up for auction & guarantee your spot here –


25% Everything @ Key Lime Supplies – 1 Day Only!

HUGE one day sale starts tomorrow — 25% off EVERYTHING in the shop — These are the best prices you’ll ever find at Key Lime Supplies!!! I’m going on vacation so this is my huge blowout sale before the shop will be closed for 1 month — get your Key Lime goodies now!

Sale runs from 4 am Thursday 8/9 until 4 am Friday 8/10 — all orders will ship by Monday 8/13.

August Giveaway: Wanna Win Washi?

Okay, you guys already know how much I love washi tape — it’s an addiction, I know, and I just can’t help myself from wanting to have all sorts of pretty colors and designs. A few weeks back, I was hyping it up in a TopHatter auction room and I said in the chat, “I love this stuff so much I should be selling it!” Then I started thinking wait… why don’t I?

So I took a leap and put all (yes all!) of the profits from my growing supply business into ordering placing a large wholesale order of washi tape. Scary? Absolutely! Don’t think I haven’t second guessed myself at least a dozen times about this choice! Thrilling? Oh yeah!

The last month has, needless to say, been a little washi-obsessed. I sold out of my first sample batch of washi tape within 4 days, which meant I had a lot of orders to package and mail out.  I decided, in the meantime, to create a YouTube video series, Washi Minute with Craft Moira, in order to show some quick techniques for using all this awesome tape I’ve been selling.

So… I thought, what better way to officially kick off my new business venture by doing an awesome tape giveaway???

The winner will receive:

  • Your choice of any roll of washi tape from my current inventory (40 designs/colors in stock)
  • Plus one random roll of washi tape!
  • Plus 5 random rolls of deco tape!
  • Plus 1 random roll of washi lace tape!
  • Plus 1 random roll of cotton fabric tape!

That’s NINE rolls of tape, people! Imagine all the fun you can have in your art journals with this score!

This giveaway is open to anyone in the world who leaves a comment on this blog entry answering the following question:

If you could only have one roll of washi tape in your inventory, which color and/or pattern would you pick?

That’s it — no hoops, no special requirements, no purchase required.

You should definitely share this giveaway with your friends — if I get 100 entries in the contest, I will choose a SECOND prize winner! So you’ll be doubling your chances if you:

  • Pin this giveaway on Pinterest
  • Tweet about this giveaway
  • Post about this giveaway on Facebook!

Plus — for every 50 entries over 100, I’ll choose another winner for a single roll of washi tape! Lots of chances to win if lots of people enter means more potential goodies for you!

Let’s get social…

If you’d like to subscribe to Weekly Art Date here or on facebook, awesome! I’d love for you to visit again.

If you don’t want to wait and would like to buy some washi tape or other awesome art supplies, check out my etsy shop: Key Lime Supplies. Or “like” Key Lime Supplies on facebook to stay up to date on current promotions and/or giveaways.

You can also check out my auctions at Tophatter.

If you want to check out my YouTube channel, you can do that here. Or check out my Pinterest boards.

You do not have to be a member of Weekly Art Date (the paid class), but I will be choosing one member of the class for a second identical prize package, so you can get a year’s worth of awesome art journal content plus an extra entry just by signing up.

Since I’ll be on vacation at the end of the month, you have until September 15th to enter.  Please be sure that I can contact you by leaving your email address!  I’ll choose a winner by random generator on September 15th and announce it here.

Art Journal & Supplies Auction — Saturday night

I’m super excited about the Art Journal and Paper Crafting Supplies Auction that I’m hosting Saturday night, at 10 PM EST, at Top Hatter. You do have to be a member of TopHatter to visit the auction, (and please don’t say I didn’t warn you: it’s addictive!) but once you sign up, you’ll have access to some awesome deals on great supplies — like a handmade journal by me starting at $3 (retail is $16!), rolls of washi tape starting at $1.50 each or less, vintage wallpaper samples, kraft tags in a few different shapes and sizes, plus LOTS more — currently have nearly 50 items up for grabs. The great thing about the community auction is you can often get a way better deal than in the bigger auctions where hundreds of people might want the same thing you do! I’d love if you could attend (and if you can RSVP ahead of time, that will mean I can list more items, too!). Plus, if you want to sell anything, you still have time to submit your items!

Art Journal Supplies Auction – July 28th @ 7 PM PT

You are cordially invited to a private auction event Art Journals & Paper Crafts on Saturday, July 28 at 7pm PT.

We will be selling a range of art journal supplies, handmade journals, and destash materials. You could score a great deal and have fun at the same time! (Items will be listed in the next three weeks — more will be added each week!)

Your RSVP matters — if you can take a second to head over to TopHatter and RSVP, you’ll help us make this auction bigger and better! The more RSVPs we get, the more items we can offer up for sale.

FYI I am selling an exclusive Book Cloth Tape sampler set — it’s your chance to try out an assortment of book cloth tape at a great price! The sampler starts at $8 and includes enough book cloth tape for making 5 8×10 journals — or even more smaller journals!

Plus: I am recruiting sellers — if you have something art journal related that you would like to try selling at auction, you should submit it or email me for details.

Destash time?

Take Inspiration Where You Find It!

I started my teen summer programs this week — and I’ve been looking forward to them! I love working with kids, and I especially love introducing them to art journaling! I love all the programs I offer, but I must confess I have a special place in my heart for art journals! :)

For my teen programs, I show the kids a bunch of my finished journals; encouraging them to pick them up, flip through them and to ask me questions about them. Then I start them off at the wet table: lots of wonderful paints, watercolor pencils, crayons, etc, everything wet. I tell them they have 20 minutes and their goal is to get a splash of color on every page before the time is up. It’s my way of encouraging them not to overthink it and to just go with the flow.

We then move to the dry table (after blasting our pages with heat guns) and work on collage and adding in anything that catches their fancy — this year I have a list of 28 prompts related to our night-time theme and I have them choose a number and give them their “assignment” — then I tell them that there are no rules to art journaling so they can choose another option or even make up their own. (They love the no rules part!)

During one of my classes, I noticed that one of the girls had torn an image out of a magazine and was copying the image onto her page — just the same way that I practice drawing, as I told her. I loved the way the pencil looked on top of the bright watercolor background, so I decided to try a similar thing in my own journal today. Instead of regular pencil, I used Derivan Liquid Pencil, which I bought last month and have been meaning to try ever since.

Since I had also issued a challenge to myself to use my own images — I used my favorite family photograph to make this page.

(Weekly Art Date class members will see the video for this page on Sunday along with all my tips and tricks for making it!)


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