What can you learn?

In addition to the lessons I described here, what else can you learn in Weekly Art Date?

We’ll learn ways of incorporating more fabric into our lives: either by sewing / gluing fabric directly to our pages or by making a fabric cover for our journals. I’ve been meaning to make a custom pouch to hold my journal when I’m on the go, too, so don’t be surprised to see more about that later on. Also: how cool would it be to have a journal made out of fabric? Let’s do it!

We’ll create the ultimate travel kit for our art journaling needs by figuring out our daily art essentials. It’s so much fun to work on art journals in public spaces, like bookstores, coffee shops, and libraries, but it’s not fun when you leave a required tool or supply at home. Bummer! I’ll show you a video of the travel journal I took to Europe in 2005. It’s more writing that images, but I still consider it my first art journal because by the end of it, I was adding lots of great images and ephemera from my travels. I’ve only ever shared it with a handful of people!

We’ll make backgrounds for future pages. This is something I haven’t really touched upon in my classes, since I know this has been covered many times in many ways by many people. I can’t promise that my background techniques are all that innovative or unique, but I can include a whole bunch of different techniques in one video so that you can explore the methods and decide for yourself which ones are keepers.

We’ll take our art making out of the journal! I have a few bonus lessons planned that involve using art journal techniques outside of the journal, like Artist Trading Cards (which are great for when you feel blocked or overwhelmed), collage  jewelry, and working on canvas.  Plus: I’ve been making art quilts using images from my art journals printed onto fabric, so I’ll be talking about that at least one week.


About craftymoira

Weekly Art Date is an online art journal course taught by Moira Richardson of Crafty Moira. Weekly Art Date is hosted on artjournaling.ning.com.

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