Beginners Welcome!

Don’t be scared: Weekly Art Date is a nice place where art journalers of all skill levels are welcome. Never used gesso? Not really sure how watercolor pencils work? Still working in your first journal? Great! Come on in!

I love introducing art journals to people who have never art journaled before. Between June and August 2011, I taught approximately 150 kids all around the state of Rhode Island some basic art journal techniques and gave them little take-home kits to sent them out into the wide world of art. I love imagining that someday in the future some of these kids will remember that first art journal experience as the catalyst that sent them in search of their artistic voices. In fact, I’ve already heard that some of the kids have started their own art journal groups where they get together and make frankenpeople. How awesome is that?

The truth is, I still consider myself a beginner! I still have so much to learn! Some people have been working in their art journals for years and years, like Teesha Moore, who I heard, has been working on art journals for 25 years! Holy crap! I’ve only been working in my journals for three years… that’s a drop in the bucket! When I first started, I was just messing around, exploring a bit. I had no idea how arrested I’d become with the art form! I had no idea that art journals would play a huge role in me claiming the title “Artist” as my own. I just wanted to work on something that was just for fun and had nothing at all to do with my business. Now, my art-making and my business have merged. Luckily, I’m still having fun!


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Weekly Art Date is an online art journal course taught by Moira Richardson of Crafty Moira. Weekly Art Date is hosted on

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