Recycled Christmas Card Gift Tags

The designs on my Christmas cards this year were so pretty that I couldn’t just toss them in the recycling bin… so I chopped ’em up to make cute gift tags for next year!

You’ll need:
old greeting cards
ink pad (I used Ranger Archival ink in black)
hole punch
ribbon (I used recycled silk ribbon from Darn Good Yarns:



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4 responses to “Recycled Christmas Card Gift Tags”

  1. storybeader says :

    great idea Moira. I have loads of cards from years back, and they’re not doing anything but sitting in the dark, all by their lonesome! And taking up space. I’ll cut them all up~ and use them in my journal too! {:-D

  2. Sam says :

    cutting up Christmas cards and recycling sounds fun! thanks Moira!

  3. teddi says :

    clever idea! 🙂 it could be used for anything, not just christmas cards.

  4. Creative Sherry says :

    What a wonderful idea! I have a box of blank holiday cards that I have been frowning at each year. I just no longer want to mail those out as my cards, but I have so many that I refuse to buy new ones! Now, I can use those old, unused cards as gift tags. Ingenious. Thanks for sharing!

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