Music Inspiration: Be Positive Project

Okay, so this isn’t exactly a music prompt, although there is music. The video is a commercial clip produced by the BE postive project, which is sponsored by Singapore’s Health Promotion Board. (Kinda of random, I know!) But — I was instantly inspired by the video, and it’s nice that it has a positive message.

Here is the video:

Here’s a video of the page I made inspired by the video:

If you want to do your own profile image, I did mine by standing next to a white wall (so it would be easy to see where to cut) and by holding out my digital camera and taking a few pictures until I got one that worked. It would have been much easier to have someone take the picture for me, but Nick was sleeping at the time. Any decently solidly colored background should work, and, really, even if it’s really busy in the background, you shouldn’t have a problem cutting out your image.


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2 responses to “Music Inspiration: Be Positive Project”

  1. storybeader says :

    very positive project! I love your circular stencil! {:-D

  2. craftymoira says :

    Thanks! It’s from The Crafter’s Workshop.

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