Music Inspiration: Victoria Beckham Ad

One of the newest features of Weekly Art Date is a weekly Music Inspiration post. This will include a YouTube video to inspire you and pictures of the page that I created based on the video. Sometimes this will include a video by me, like today’s post. Students of Weekly Art Date get these posts weekly; I post them here every other week or so.

Many thanks to Teddi for sending me the link to this week’s video inspiration:

Direct link:

Cool, right?

Here’s a video of the page I made inspired by the video:

Direct Link:


Why should you sign up for Weekly Art Date? You’d get videos like this every week, at least one a week is the promise, but usually 2 or 3 is more likely! When you are a member of the class, you  have the option to download any of the videos created by me to your computer to keep forever. Plus, you have access to all of the discussion boards and a chance to make new friends with the other students in the class. You can start at any time. The class runs from January – December 2012, so there’s still plenty of time to get your journalin’ on. Plus, since the classroom will stay open for at least one year after the class ends, you’ll be able to catch up on your own time.


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