Sign Up for Weekly Art Date, Part Two

Interested in trying out Weekly Art Date? If you don’t want to commit to a full year of art journaling just yet, you can sign up for Weekly Art Date, Part Two, which includes 10 weeks of prompts, videos, and fun surprises, all for just $15! Our first week’s materials just went live. Sign up for Part Two here.

(I apologize that this link was not working — it should be fixed now!)

Want to sign up for the full year instead? You’ll get access to Part Two, which is currently running, plus all of Part One, and the upcoming parts Three and Four — all for only $45! Sign up here.

Remember Weekly Art Date is hosted at — you’ll need to sign up for a free membership there in order to access the classroom — if you aren’t already a member, you’ll love it! there are lots of free workshops as well as paid classes like Weekly Art Date. It’s a great community!


About craftymoira

Weekly Art Date is an online art journal course taught by Moira Richardson of Crafty Moira. Weekly Art Date is hosted on

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