A Much Needed Vacation

I’m on vacation from all of my jobs at the moment, so why does it feel like I’m working harder than ever???

I just finished up a 6-week session of Bling Bling, mixed media arts programming for middle school youth, including working with a 9th grade intern (my only 4-year graduate!). This session we did shrinky dinks, buttons, lip gloss, duct tape purses, bracelets, potion bottle necklaces, and nail manicures. I even organized an event for one of the classes to give free manicures to adults in the community — we had 13 clients which was amazing considering the “salon” ran from 3 – 3:45 on a Tuesday afternoon.

Plus, we’ve reached the halfway point for Weekly Art Date — 6 months down, 6 months to go! Have I lost my enthusiasm? Heck no! Am I tired? Oh yes! I feel like I did a bad job with the class the last two weeks because I was too exhausted to do all the videos I’d been doing — but I know myself enough to know when it’s time to take a break. For Part Two, a ten-week session, I did 24 videos that are exclusive to the class!  I feel super inspired about art making again after a few days off and am inspired to create a page (I’m going to follow the step-by-step in this week’s Art Journal Every Day post.)

I’ve also been making a lot of sales online — I feel like I’m mailing packages every day — considering that I’ve made 59 sales since April 30, that’s not actually far off from the truth! Despite all these sales, my studio space feels more cluttered than ever — what gives?!?

Not that I’m complaining! My etsy shop is doing well, I’m blessed with an awesome job both online and off, and I’m in better health than I’ve been in two years! Things are good — just hectic! Truth is, art has taken a backseat the last two weeks and that seriously bums me out — and my JOB is mostly art making. I can’t even imagine how tough it must be for those of you working full-time and raising a family — any time you manage for art-making is a serious miracle! Bless you for that!

Some positive points I want to mention, just to remind myself that things are good, and then I have a video to share:

  • I was recently honored with the AfterZone Champions Award for my work with middle school youth.
  • I’d lost 13 lbs since my last doctor’s appointment.
  • My A1C (blood sugar measure) is at 5.9 — which is AWESOME!
  • My blood pressure has dropped — just by altering my diet. (Low carb, high fat, yeehaw!)
  • I made over 50 sales in my new supply shop, Key Lime Supplies!
  • I have discovered a shared love of yard sales with a friend of mine and we’ve been indulging that love every weekend for a month!
  • We have a furry new family member: Sam the kitty. He and Smudge the kitty are now friends.
  • I successfully taught my first in-person adult art journaling class without throwing up!
  • The Providence Arts Festival was rained out (boo!) but they issued everyone a $50 refund anyway (yay!)

So, tell me, what’s going on with you???

Weekly Art Date is currently on break for two weeks — I just posted a bonus “week eleven” video for the class and thought I’d share it here for anyone not currently enrolled:

Are We Home?

Sign up for the rest of the year:


About craftymoira

Weekly Art Date is an online art journal course taught by Moira Richardson of Crafty Moira. Weekly Art Date is hosted on artjournaling.ning.com.

One response to “A Much Needed Vacation”

  1. storybeader says :

    sounds like a great spring! So glad you’re feeling better. I salute you on the weight loss – wish I had the stamina to do that! I just got back after a two week trip to Italy, so I haven’t been around. Visited the Ning and looked at your videos. This week is Chautauqua week, and I’m part of the organizing committee. Tuesday through Saturday evening, a visiting scholar will perform their character on stage, and in the afternoon, they are lecturing at the museum where I work. So it’s a busy week. When are we starting again? {:-Deb

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