The Halfway Point

Weekly Art Date started running at the beginning of January — the class was started as an experiment: could I really commit to making an art journal video every week that wouldn’t bore the heck out the students in my class? Could I really keep this up for a whole year? I’m happy to say that we’ve made it halfway! There have been a few issues here and there (let’s see: I broke my foot, my sister had her baby 3 weeks early, my beloved cat died, I was sick a few times, and I had some major issues with carpal tunnel [which I am now starting to think might be arthritis instead! Yikes!] Some weeks I’ve gone above and beyond… some weeks the bare minimum has had to suffice. I’ve done my best to do new-to-me techniques and to mix it up in the hopes that all the videos had something new to offer — you’ll have to ask my students if I’m doing a good job with that (Anyone want to chime in?)

So summer session starts tomorrow! I’m feeling renewed and ready to go for another ten weeks — are you?

Sign up for the rest of the year here. ($25 gets you access to Summer & Fall of Weekly Art Date.)

Or sign up for full year access here.( $45 gets access for Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall — plus the bonus class in December!)

What you can expect this session:

First of all, it’s summer! Which means we’re going to take it easy, man. Don’t worry, we’ll still have weekly videos and weekly lessons! I’ll do my best to get the videos up on Sunday mornings, as per usual, but if I’m away from the weekend, don’t be upset if the videos are a day or two late. (You’ve probably already noticed that happens every once in a while as it is?) The class is work-at-your-own pace in order to account for the fact that, well, sometimes I work at my own pace, too! I just want to be upfront with you all that this class might be a little more laidback this session. (I say this, believing it to be true, but I know me, and I know you’ll still end up with loads more than 10 videos! But, hey, I can *try* to relax, right?)

Secondly, I’m going to issue a few challenges for myself today and hopefully you’ll see videos on these during the class:

1) I want to do a page where I limit myself, in advance, to 5 materials or less used on that page. Something like: 1 color of paint, 1 roll of tape, 1 image, 1 pen, &  a colored pencil. (I reserve the right to change these 5 based on my mood.. haha!)

2) I want to do a page using only the scraps from my scrap box on my desk (all the bits and pieces leftover from other pages or projects). The box contents plus gel medium & that’s it.

3) I want to make a journal out of fabric! I don’t exactly know how this will work but I have lots of beautiful fabric, laces, and buttons that I need to use up!

4) I want to make a video tutorial for using book cloth tape — this is for my supply shop, Key Lime Supplies, as well as for Weekly Art Date students — I’m selling book cloth tape, but I feel like a lot of people aren’t sure what to do with it so I wanna show them cool stuff!

5) I want to create at least one page with a travel theme (the armchair traveler sort, most likely!)

6) I want to use some of the vintage buttons / lace that I’ve been collecting at yard sales on a page.

7) I want to make a page that uses some of the vintage poetry books that I bought at an estate sale two weeks ago.

8) Ditto to the vintage yearbooks.

9) I want to try at least one technique that’s completely brand-new-to-me — perhaps liquid pencils?

If you aren’t already a class member, you can still sign up!

Sign up for the rest of the year here. ($25 gets you access to Summer & Fall of Weekly Art Date.)

Or sign up for full year access here.( $45 gets access for Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall — plus the bonus class in December!)

Any other goals I should add to this list?


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