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Boxes, Boxes, Boxes!

Boxes, Boxes, Boxes!

We will be loading as many of these as will fit into our truck today. We are moving 600 miles away and trying to do it without renting a moving truck. It costs about the same to make multiple trips in our small pickup truck versus one day in a usual, but it means that each trip, we (or just Nick, mostly) can work on the house for a few days before coming back to the apartment.

A tip for you: have something awkward to move, like a folding metal rack or a small desk unit with drawers that could fall out when you move it? By a roll of bubblewrap (cheapest on ebay) and wrap the item in bubblewrap before taping around the bubble wrap. No residue to clean from putting tape directly on whatever it is, and an added bonus: save that bubblewrap for down and dirty window insulation in the winter. It ain’t pretty, though you can easily hide it with curtains, but it works!

Just cut bubblewrap to fit your windows, spray the glass with water and stick the bubblewrap in place. It says up well, unless your pesky kitties decide to attack, and it is surprisingly effective!