Coming June 15th —

30 Days of Me

Have you ever made a self-portrait? I know, I know, scary thought, that. I felt the same way when I challenged myself to make 30 self-portraits in 30 days! And I didn’t actually meet the goal: I made 15 portraits instead; 15 very cool self-portraits that I’d love to share with you. Plus, I came up with 15 journaling prompts to encourage you to get to know yourself better and put more of you into your journal pages. And that’s not all! I also have an easy DIY journal tutorial to share with you so that you can keep all of your lovely self-portraits in one place.

When you sign up for 30 Days of Me, you’ll get:

15 High-Definition Journaling Videos — these show the making of each self-portrait from start to finish.

15 PDF Supply Lists – these include suggested replacement supplies plus tips and tricks for each portrait.

15 Journal Writing Prompts – these are designed to help you get to know yourself better and to put more of YOU into each journal page.

PLUS: An easy DIY journal tutorial

Click here to sign up.


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