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Sneak Peek: Weekly Art Date

Students in Weekly Art Date watched a total of 24 original art journaling videos during the first 10 weeks of Weekly Art Date! Here is a sneak peak of some of the videos that were posted in the classroom during this time.

There’s still time to sign up!


Join the Art Adventure!

When you sign up for Weekly Art Date, Part One (January 1st – March 16th), you will receive:

——> 10 weeks of class, which includes 1 video tutorial /inspiration and 1 art adventure post each week. Some weeks will include bonus posts or videos. Access to the class involves access to the Weekly Art Date classroom and private blog posts (except for Full-Year Access members only posts) during the 10 weeks. Although Part One ends on March 16, you will have access to the materials for an unlimited amount of time after the ten weeks is over. You will also receive a download at the end of the class that has all of the content in a single PDF.

Each week you will get:

One art adventure post which could include:

  • Step-by-step photos and instructions for a particular technique
  • Writing prompts
  • Visual inspiration
  • Digital collage sheets
  • Digital stamps
  • Art challenges
  • Bonus video tutorials

One video inspiration post which could include:

  • Original video tutorials by me (at least one per month!)
  • Video tutorials by another artist plus images of my version
  • Music videos as inspiration plus images of my page
  • Movie clips as inspiration plus images of my page

You will also get:

—— >At least 6 videos will be available for download for you to keep. (I.e. every other week, on average) All original videos created by me during the class will be available to you as a download. Videos from other sources will not be available as downloads.

——> At least 3 surprises! This could be a digital stamp (i.e. a black-and-white sketched image for you to use in your pages), a printable collage sheet, a bonus video download, or a stock photograph taken by me.

——> Creativity Daily Prompt Calendars for January, February, and March

——-> A chance to enter the Monthly Art Date giveaways for January, February, and March.

——> Snail mail from me!

Full Year Access members will receive all of the above, plus

——> Access to Part Two, Part Three, and Part Four

——-> Access to Part Five Bonus section of Weekly Art Date in December 2012

——> Access to Full Year Access members-only posts throughout the year

——>The full year download of the Creativity Prompt Calendar as soon as class opens on January 1st.

——> Automatic entry in all giveaways for the year

Read this post for more details.